Airport check-in

Airport check-in takes place at an airline service counter or kiosk at the departure airport. You must follow the flight number indicated on your e-ticket and identify the proper registration desk. Most often, the airport check-in is required when online check-in is not available, the online check-in time window has elapsed, or if the reservation includes an infant or travelers bring along a pet.

When checking in at the airport:

  • Arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your international flight and 2 hours for a domestic one
  • Go to your airline check-in counter, have your passport(s) and e-ticket(s) ready
  • Check-in your large baggage, collect your bag tag(s) and boarding pass
  • Go through airport security, then proceed to your departure gate

To avoid long waiting lines and hassle at the airport, we recommend adding an Automatic Check-In plan to your reservation. We’ll make sure to check you in and send the boarding passes to your email. Print your boarding passes and just go straight to baggage handling and boarding control after arriving at the airport.