Baggage allowance

Find out the baggage allowance for your trip

The Baggage Allowance is reflected during the booking process while searching for an option, on the order confirmation sent to your email, and on the electronic ticket.

Additionally, you may check the latest baggage allowance information directly with the airline to find the permitted amount, size, and weight for every type of item you would like to bring on the trip.

Baggage allowance for international trips

Some carriers offer lower fares that do not include luggage. Once you have selected your flight, carefully verify the baggage allowance for your trip. You may purchase the lowest fare with no baggage included and add it to your booking later, before the departure.

Baggage allowance for children and infants fare might differ

Because of a lower fare price, the baggage allowance for an infant/child ticket might differ from an adult’s fare.

  • Infants (under 23 months) not occupying a seat are not allowed for checked-in baggage and hand luggage on some highly discounted tickets
  • Children (2 – 11 years) are usually allowed the same baggage allowance as adults if the same fare class is paid